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            Zimag Technology

            Technology leadership, Customer service, Quality assurance


            Zimag accumulates great experiences of cold and hot chamber aluminum / magnesium / zinc alloy die casting more than 20 years. We can provide one stop production including mold design, high pressure die casting, precise machining, surface pretreatments, liquid and powder coating. Our purpose is to offer best quality and service to our customers reaching their target and having a mutual benefit.

            Take and use a long-term strategy as our tool to run our company stably. Continuous improvement and customer satisfaction are our goal forever.



            Zimag Taiwan

            Taiwan plant: No. 2-2, Alley 98, Lane 800, Jong Shan S. Rd., Yangmei Dist., Taoyuan City 326, Taiwan, R.O.C.

            Area: 6,000 M2

            Main businesses:
            Aluminum / Magnesium alloy die castings including all kinds of bicycle, motorcycle and vehicle parts; 3C (computer, communication and consumer electronic) products; various tool accessories; mold design and development, etc.

            Main equipments:
            Die casting machines; CNC tapping centers; special working machines; lathes; milling machines, etc.

            Coordinate measuring machine (CMM); Video measuring & charting machine; Laser thermometer; Leak test machine; Spectrometer; Surftest; Caliper; Cut tester; Thread gauge; Ring gauge; Height Gauge; Ultrasonic thickness gauge; Gauge block, etc.

            Zimag China

            China plant: Puzai Industrial Area, Jun Zi Ying Rd., Lilin Town, Huicheng Dist., Huizhou City, Guandong, China

            Area: 53,000 M2

            Main businesses:
            Aluminum / Zinc alloy die castings including all kinds of bicycle, motorcycle and vehicle parts; motor and transmission systems; furniture hardware; hand tools; sports equipments; mold and casting parts, etc.

            Main equipments:
            Die casting machines; CNC tapping centers; special working machines; polishers; punchers; lathes; milling machines, etc.

            Coordinate measuring machine (CMM); Spirit level; Glossiness gauge; Surftest; Micrometer calipers; Pressure gage; Vernier; Cut tester; Thread gauge; Ring gauge; Height Gauge; Gauge block, etc.

            Quality policy

            Our company policy is Technology, Service and Quality First! After a complete training, we are successfully earning ISO9001 and TS16949 registered and maintained by United Registrar of Systems (Holdings) Ltd., Bournemouth, UK continuously. Therefore, we are one of qualified and performance suppliers for your choice.


            “Technology lead and quality guarantee” is the faith that we manage our company continuously.“Satisfactory service and continuous innovation” is our best promise to all of our customers. “Communication and teamwork” is the purpose to organize and operate our company.

            Vision and mission

            Facing the flourishing development of magnesium and aluminum alloy industry, ZIMAG Technology will advance continuously toward the leader of magnesium / aluminum alloy die casting industry.


            Diversified products in various industries


            Industrial Fields

            Diversified products in various industries


            Cast Magnesium Alloy

            The most widely used molding process

            Magnesium alloys, especially precipitation hardened alloys, are used in casting. Sand, permanent mold and die casting methods are used, but plaster-of-Paris casting has not yet been perfected. Sand casting in green-sand molds requires a special technique, because the magnesium reacts with moisture in the sand, forming magnesium oxide and liberating hydrogen. The oxide forms blackened areas called burns on the surface of the casting, and the liberated hydrogen may cause porosity. Inhibitors such as sulfur, boric acid, ethyl glycol, or ammonium fluoride are mixed with the damp sand to prevent the reaction. All gravity-fed molds require an extra high column of molten metal to make the pressure great enough to force gas bubbles out of the casting and make the metal take the detail of the mold. The thickness of the casting wall should be at least 5/32 in. under most conditions. Extra-large fillets must be provided at all re-entrant corners, since stress concentration in magnesium castings are particularly dangerous. Permanent mold castings are made from the same alloys and have about the same physical properties as sand castings. Since the solidification shrinkage of magnesium is about the same as that of aluminium, aluminium molds can often be adapted to make magnesium-alloy castings (although it may be necessary to change the gating). Pressure cold-chamber castings are used for quantity production of small parts. The rapid solidification caused by contact of the fluid metal with the cold die produces a casting of dense structure with excellent physical properties. The finish and dimensional accuracy are very good, and machining is necessary only where extreme accuracy is required. Usually these castings are not heat treated.
            Zimag could provide cast magnesium alloys of AM60B & AZ91D now.
            AM60B: Most popular magnesium material with high strength & perfect casting performance, like: bicycle, motorcycle, automobile, computers, communication equipments, consumer products, sports appliances, hand tools and so on.
            AZ91D: High elongation & good impact strength, like: steering wheel, engine cover.


            Cast Aluminum Alloy

            Light weight, High strength, Corrosion resistance

            Aluminium alloys are alloys in which aluminium (Al) is the predominant metal. The typical alloying elements are copper, magnesium, manganese, silicon, tin and zinc. Cast aluminium alloys yield cost-effective products due to the low melting point, although they generally have lower tensile strengths than wrought alloys. The most important cast aluminium alloy system is Al–Si, where the high levels of silicon (4.0–13%) contribute to give good casting characteristics. Aluminium alloys are widely used in engineering structures and components where light weight or corrosion resistance is required. Alloys composed mostly of aluminium have been very important in aerospace manufacturing since the introduction of metal-skinned aircraft. Aluminium-magnesium alloys are both lighter than other aluminium alloys and much less flammable than alloys that contain a very high percentage of magnesium.
            The Aluminum Association (AA) has adopted a nomenclature similar to that of wrought alloys. British Standard and DIN have different designations. In the AA system, the second two digits reveal the minimum percentage of aluminium, e.g. 150.x correspond to a minimum of 99.50% aluminium. The digit after the decimal point takes a value of 0 or 1, denoting casting and ingot respectively.[1] The main alloying elements in the AA system are as follows:
            1xx.x series are minimum 99% aluminium
            2xx.x series copper
            3xx.x series silicon, copper and/or magnesium
            4xx.x series silicon
            5xx.x series magnesium
            7xx.x series zinc
            8xx.x series tin
            9xx.x other elements
            Zimag could provide cast aluminum alloys of A380 (ADC10) & A383 (ADC12) now.
            A380 (ADC10): Special for high temperature parts, like: technical fittings, brake accessories.
            A383 (ADC12): Suitable for most of casting parts.



              Hand tools, power tools, pneumatic tools and other machinery parts, like: nailer cover & case, power tool cover, hilt, gearbox cover, crankcase.


              3C (computer, communication & consumer) products

              Monitor bracket, heat-sink, digital termination wall assembly, digital box, Lamp cover, UAV bracket, camera cover.



              Bicycle, motorcycle and automobile parts, like front-fork, treadle, breaker, break valve, engine control box, GPS cover, mirror base, handle, cylinder.



              All parts of LED lights, streetlamps and professional searchlights.


              Medical equipments

              Electric wheelchair parts, pedal, wheel and bracket.


              Military use



            Zimag can provide one stop service & offering. Based on 2D/3D drawings, we will select optimum processes satisfying our customer’s demand.

            Die Casting
            Mold Design
            Die Casting
            De-burr / Trimming
            Surface Treatment
            Coating / Painting

            Precious instruments and excellent equipments



            All measuring equipments are managed and recorded effectively

            Name Specification
            Cut Tester2mmDIN/ISO
            Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)458*510*406mm
            Video Measuring & Charting Machine120*50mm
            Height Gauge0-300mm
            Cut TesterASIM, 11 teeth, 1 blade, 1mm
            Name Specification
            Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge------
            Gauge Block1-100mm
            Laser Thermometer -20-400%
            Name Specification
            Brightness Meter------
            Video Measuring System0-150mm
            Ring GaugeM2.0-M20
            Calipers0-200mm , 0-300mm
            Thread GaugeM16-M37
            Plug Gauge∮1.0-∮13.0mm
            Salt-Spray Testing Machine------
            Inside diameter micrometer0-17.5mm
            Chromatic Meter------
            Roughness Meter------
            Name Specification
            Film Thikness Meter------
            Hardness Meter0-17.5mm
            Cross-cut Tester------
            Block Gauge1.005-100mm
            Pencil hardness tester------
            Height Meter0-600mm
            Depth Meter0-200mm

            Die Casting

            High productivity & excellent dimensional accuracy

            Zimag's die casting is a liquid type forming. Die casting is injecting metals with better melting and solidifying properties, such as magnesium, aluminum, zinc and copper alloys into heat resistant steel molds using high injection pressure. With a lower temperature of the mold, the molten metal solidifies quickly and forms parts as a shape of the cavity. After solidifying, the runners / gates will be removed then raw parts are produced. Then, final products will be made after different processes.

            Pohto Brand Model Quantity Remarks
            TOSHIBA DC650CL-HT 1 Magnesium Alloy
            TOSHIBA DC350J-MH 1 Magnesium Alloy
            SHINOZUKA DC350J-MH 1 Magnesium Alloy
            TOSHIBA DC800CL-S 1 Aluminum Alloy
            TOSHIBA DC350J-MT 1 Aluminum Alloy
            TOSHIBA DC250J-MC 1 Aluminum Alloy
            TOYO BD-500V4-T 1 Aluminum Alloy
            TOYO BD-250V5EX 2 Aluminum Alloy
            Pohto Brand Model Quantity Remarks
            TOSHIBA DC800CL-S 1 Magnesium Alloy
            Chi-Wei 800T 1 Magnesium Alloy
            TOYO BD-500V4-T 1 Magnesium Alloy
            TOSHIBA DC500CL-S 1 Aluminum Alloy
            TOSHIBA DC350CL-S 1 Aluminum Alloy
            TOSHIBA DC350CL-S 1 Aluminum Alloy
            TOSHIBA DC350CL-S 1 Aluminum Alloy
            TOSHIBA DC250OJ-S 3 Aluminum Alloy
            TOSHIBA DC250OJ-S 1 Aluminum Alloy


            Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) Tapping Centers

            By combining Tungsten-carbide tools with CNC machine in mass-scale automatic production can be realized. Aiming at various metallic parts, different working sequences can be arranged to obtain the required configuration and sizes for the parts, such as drilling, milling, tapping, machining, etc. The entire process shall cover the clamping fixture design, cutting tool development and the workpiece selection, which saves the working fixture and rounds required for the processing of complicated workpieces while enhancing product accuracy. The maximum amount of business opportunities can be created only when the product is manufactured in an accurate and speedy manner.


            What is a CNC Tapping center?
            What is a SPEEDIO?



            Pohto Brand Model Quantity Remarks
            Brother TC-S2A 15 480*360*270
            Brother TC-S2DN-O 5 700*400*300
            Victor Taichung Vturn-20 1 294*600
            Victor Taichung Vturn-A20Y 1 294*600
            Brother M140X1 1 200*440*305
            Brother S700X1 8 700*400*300
            Pohto Brand Model Quantity Remarks
            Brother TC-S2A 8 -----
            Brother TC-S2D 2 -----
            Brother TC-S2DNZ-0 2 -----
            Brother SPEEDIO M140X1 1 -----
            Geetech pv-1000 3 -----
            嘉正 DC250OJ-S 3 -----
            Contact us

            Zimag can provide one stop service & offering. Based on 2D/3D drawings, we will select optimum processes satisfying our customer’s demand.

            Zimag service

            Zimag Technology Co., Ltd. wishes to provide excellent quality, professional technology and zealous service to all customers. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

            Zimag Taiwan

            • No. 2-2, Alley 98, Lane 800, Zhongshan S. Rd., Yangmei Dist., Taoyuan City 326, Taiwan, R.O.C.
            • 886-3-4880398
            • 886-3-4880308
            • sales@zimag.com.tw

            Zimag China

            • BuZai lndustrial zone, Li-Lin Town, HuiCheng District, HuiZhou City, GuangDong Province, China
            • 0752-3866018
            • 0752-386702
            • zimag@vip.163.com

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            Zimag can provide one stop service & offering. Based on 2D/3D drawings, we will select optimum processes satisfying our customer’s demand.

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